Travel and work, be location indepentant, Work Remotely, be a digital Nomad?

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There is no specific place or program that one must go through in order to become a digital nomad. Digital nomadism is a lifestyle choice that allows individuals to work remotely and often travel to different locations while doing so. It is possible for anyone with the necessary skills and resources to become a digital nomad, provided they are able to secure a job or source of income that allows them to work remotely. Because of course, you have to provide some kind of proof to sustain yourself in that particular country you want to stay in if for example more than 3 months or so… some digital nomads like to travel in different countries and are never in one place.


There are many websites and resources available that can help you find remote jobs, such as those I will list in this article below. By using these resources, networking with potential employers or clients, and building a strong portfolio of work, you can increase your chances of finding a job or income source that allows you to work remotely and pursue a digital nomad lifestyle.

It is also important to consider the logistical and practical aspects of becoming a digital nomad, for example you have to find affordable places to live during your stays, obtaining necessary work/travel documentations like visas and documents, and staying connected to the internet while on the move. Planning and preparation can help ensure a smooth transition to the digital nomad lifestyle.

In this post, I have put together some of the resources you can use to find that particular remote job that can help you be a digital nomad. There are many websites and resources available that can help you find remote jobs that allow you to work from anywhere, and at any time you want. 

Some of these websites where you can find these opportunities are as follows NB: You can check those websites out and try to find something for yourself 


This is a job board specifically for remote jobs, with a wide range of positions available in various industries. This website has tons of info for companies and people interested in working from anywhere. You'll find job listings, industry news, and tips on things like building a remote team and being productive while working remotely. They also have a directory of companies that are cool with remote work, plus tools and resources for remote workers. Plus, their blog has articles and interviews with remote work experts and successful remote workers.



This is another job search platform that focuses on remote, flexible, and part-time positions. They offer a variety of subscription plans, including a free trial. This site is a great resource for finding remote jobs, but it's also a good place to find flexible, part-time gigs. It's easy to use, there are no annoying ads, and you can trust that all the job listings are legit because they screen them. The only downside is that it's not free, but the fees are pretty reasonable considering the great access you get. And pro tip: if you hesitate on the payment screen, you might get a discount. Check it out


We Work Remotely: 

weworkremotely, is another one. it is a job board specifically for remote positions, with a focus on technology and internet-based jobs.



This is a job board for remote jobs in a variety of industries, including technology, marketing, and customer service. It is a job board for companies and individuals looking to hire or work remotely. The site features a variety of job listings in industries such as tech, design, marketing, and customer support. RemoteOK also offers resources and advice for remote workers and companies, including a guide to working remotely and a list of remote-friendly tools. In addition to job listings, the site also features articles and interviews with successful remote workers and companies.




I think we all know this one, While not specifically a resource for remote jobs, LinkedIn is a popular job search platform that often has listings for remote positions. You can filter out and work your way around it. You can also contact job posters directly (some) and communicate with them to inquire more.

Virtual Vocations: 

This is a job search platform specifically for telecommuting and remote jobs. They offer a variety of subscription plans, including a free trial. if you Wish to work from the comfort of your own couch (or beach in Bali, we won't judge) Look no further than Virtual Vocations! Their job board connects companies and individuals who are all about that remote life. They got a ton of job listings across a variety of industries, including tech, customer service, marketing, and finance. But they don't just stop at job listings - they also got all the resources and advice you need to succeed as a remote worker. Plus, they’ve got articles and interviews with people who are killing it in the remote world. if you are ready to join the ranks of digital nomads? Try their website. 

This is a job search platform for remote jobs in a variety of industries, including sales, customer service, and technology. you can also check it out for more info. 

is a job board that focuses on connecting companies with remote workers. It features a variety of job listings in different industries, including tech, marketing, customer service, and more. In addition to job listings, also offers resources and advice for job seekers, such as resume tips and job search strategies. The site is geared towards helping people find and succeed in remote work opportunities.




This is a job search platform specifically for startups, many of which may offer remote positions. One important note to take is that, In addition to these websites, it can also be helpful to reach out to companies and organizations directly to inquire about potential remote job openings. Many companies are open to the idea of hiring remote employees and may have job openings that are not listed publicly

I hope this list helps you in your search for the perfect remote job and be location independent! Remember to do your own research and due diligence before committing to any job or opportunity. cheers!!!.

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